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Hobie is announcing even more innovative and exciting new stuff at this Summer’s Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. Kayak anglers will be stoked about the new camo series of kayaks will be available for the time-tested Mirage Pro Angler 14, Mirage Pro Angler 12 and the Mirage Outback, the three models in Hobie’s line-up most popular with anglers and bird enthusiasts worldwide.

While the camo pattern looks cool, it has a practical and tactical advantage, too. Camo will be popular with hunters and bird watchers who want to stay out of sight and sneak up on their subjects. Camo has also been proven to help anglers get closer to the fish. Most important, the mottled and muted color pattern will hide anglers from other anglers, keeping your secret spot a secret.

The new camo will replace the olive green color on these three models, all equipped with the MirageDrive® 180.  Each hull boasts a uniquely different camouflage pattern along with special camo graphics and pads to appeal to those Hobie fans that prefer a more subtle approach than the popular colors found throughout the company’s recreational line of kayaks.

The Camo version of the Mirage Outback also includes ST Turbo Fins as standard equipment.

“We wanted to create an earthy camo pattern specific to Hobie,” says Fishing Product Manager Morgan Promnitz. “We’ve done it using trademark Hobie colors Olive and Dune mixed with a new color, Midnight.  The result will be enjoyed by the many Hobie fans that have requested camo boats.”

The Camo Series will be shipped to retailers starting in October, 2016.

Prices follow:

Mirage Camo Outback – $2649

Mirage Camo Pro Angler 12 – $3449
Mirage Camo Pro Angler 12 – $3599


Outback 3 4view camo MD180 full

Hobie’s new Camo pattern will be offered in three popular models including the Mirage Outback pictured above.

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