Hobie Mirage Passport 10.5 Fishing Kayak

The Passport makes a great first boat or second kayak for kids

Hobie answered the competition of lower-priced pedal kayaks with a new thermoformed Mirage Passport that is lighter and less expensive with the proven performance of their classic ST pedal system.

They rigged the Passport with a new, lightweight mesh frame seat that’s quick to remove.

The simple steering system is controlled by a single rod attached to a rudder control knob. A couple flushmount rod holders behind the seat make the Mirage Passport suitable for fishing.

The Mirage Passport makes a great first boat or second kayak for kids and family members.

At only $1359, it’s easy to add a Mirage Passport to the fleet.


  1. I’ve been reading a lot about this boat and trying to hunt one down in Canada, but no luck yet. I see your title about it being a first kayak or for kids and this could be misleading for some. I’m an experienced kayak angle using a Hobie tandem Outfitter. I want a smaller, single seater boat that’s easy to carry, load in the back of my truck, or cart pull to a large stocked lake a few hundred meters from my house. The PA/Outback/Compass are all larger/heavier than I want. Seeing this Hobie will keep me with this brand for a 10.5 ft boat. I’ll add fishing accessories along with a 180 drive to really make it my own. The plus that it’s significant less is another bonus.

    Ken from Nova Scotia

  2. That looks great but I am more interested in what’s behind you, where can I find information about that ? It looks like a fishing paddle board or something


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