Best Fly Fishing Kayaks For 2024

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More anglers than ever are turning to fishing kayaks for fly fishing. A kayak can take you places a power boat or pair of waders can’t, whether you want to carry into seldom used waters, paddle up narrow rivers, or simply explore the other side of the lake.

Not all fishing kayaks are suitable for fly fishing, though. You’ll want to look for a boat that has superior stability and clear deck space. Then there are the personal features for you to consider, such as storage space, performance, weight and seat setup.

These fly fishing kayaks cover all the bases, leaving no aspiring kayak fly fisherman without.

Top picks: Best fly fishing kayaks for 2024

The following fly fishing kayaks have received the highest star ratings by reviewers in our Kayak Angler Buyer’s Guide. See and review all fly fishing kayaks here.

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There’s no better way to choose a great fly fishing kayak than by kicking the tires and taking a test drive. The staff at Kayak Angler have run the best fishing kayaks through the gauntlet. We’ve rigged the boats for fishing, loaded them with gear and hit the water, allowing us to evaluate how the boat handles and how it performs for the intended angler and conditions.

If you can’t get to the paddle shop or a demo day, take a test drive with our reviews of the best fly fishing kayaks.