Viking Profish GT is small and sporty. Photo: Ric Burnley
Viking Profish GT is small and sporty.

Fans of Viking Kayak’s speed and performance will be stoked to add a smaller, sportier Viking GT to the fleet. At 11-feet, nine-inches, the GT will be easier to store and transport. But a sporty v-hull with enough bow lift for rough seas makes the GT perfect for tough conditions and tight spaces. Paddle the GT across open water to fish bridge pilings or rock jetties where the biggest fish hide.

Even if the GT is smaller than the popular Reload, Viking still managed to pack it with features. The GT takes the same Tackle Pod and Chill Pod as the Reload so anglers can have two boats with one set of electronics and accessories. Or, add replace the Tackle Pod with the flat deck and have room to take your favorite little fishing buddy along. The boat comes standard with rod holders, bucket hatch and a seat so it’s ready to go…anywhere.

Viking GT Specs

Length: 11 ft 11 in / 3.63 m

Width: 32.5 in / 82.55 cm

Weight: 56 lb / 25.4 kg

Capacity: 385 lb / 174.63 kg



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