Power their T17 tandem with paddles, pedals or propellers. Photo: Ben Duchesney
Power their T17 tandem with paddles, pedals or propellers.

Hobie has been putting anglers in kayaks for over 15 years. To celebrate the anniversary, they are offering a Limited Edition Mirage Outback, the boat that fathered the Hobie Fishing family. The eye-catching orange boat has all the same fish-catching features of a standard Mirage Outback. Cobalt blue accents and cool graphics carry through the hull, deck padding, pedals and seat. Only 500 of these special kayaks will be available, so get on the boat!

From the original Outback to the most recent T17 tandem. Hobie has partnered with electric trolling motor company, MotorGuide, to power their T17 tandem with paddles, pedals or propellers. The remote controlled motor connects to a special plate in the stern of the T17 to push the big boat at a comfortable speed. Anglers can take advantage of MotorGuides coolest features including a remote control to put the motor in cruise control, jog mode, GPS anchor lock and track repeat. This two-man kayak will zip into No-Motor Zones with reliable power that is easy to control.


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