Anyone who grew up on the water playing with paddles has tied two canoes or kayaks together to build a party raft. The kids at Diablo Paddlesports have taken the fun to a new level. The El Gato (name is still in the works) catamaran is a party barge with power. The prototype aluminum frame clips into gear tracks on each kayak.

A small platform between the kayaks holds gear and a 10 horsepower Torqueedo motor that can be charged with a solar panel. Thomas Flemons, Diablo Paddlesport’s owner cooked up the idea with fun and function in mind. “Anglers can motor to a distant destination or prefish a tournament then separate the kayaks and paddle-fish once on the scene,” he explains. Flemons promised further design tweaks before this summer’s Outdoor Retailer show. We’ll look forward to checking out the final product.


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