Bonafide has been busy in their few years in business. After releasing the SS121 and SS107 super kayaks, they introduced the RS117 bargain boat with fewer features and the same great hybrid catamaran hull.

To round out their offerings, Bonafide added the EX123 sit-inside to the lineup. The EX123 is designed to be equally capable as a grab-and-go boat as an expedition kayak.

A huge cockpit makes it easy to enter the EX123. The flat floor and catamaran hull make it possible to stand and fish.

A dashboard unit has a mini-tub to keep small gear safe and dry while offering attachment points for accessories, rod holders or cell phone holder.

One of the coolest features is the tankwell hatch in the stern. The concave hatch will host a large fishing crate and can be removed to access the inside of the kayak.

Bonafide installed their popular seat that can be removed and used as a lawn chair.


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