The five-hour drive from my house to Old Town Canoe and Kayak’s, Maine seemed like 10 hours with the new motorized Predator XL waiting at the end of the road.

After reading about the boat for months and getting a glimpse at last summer’s tradeshows, I couldn’t wait to be one of the first anglers to take a ride in this innovative craft that melds the convenience of a kayak with the power of a small skiff.

When I arrived at Pushaw Creek, Old Town marketing and sales managers, Luke Labree and David Hadden were waiting to take me for a test drive and target bass and pike.

At first look, the Predator XL shares…Click here to continue reading in the free desktop edition of Kayak Angler, Winter 2014.

High Power Predator Preview2This article originally appeared in Kayak Angler, Winter 2014. Read the entire issue on your desktop, Apple or Android device.







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