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How To Get A New Angler To Love Kayak Fishing

For me, fishing has been a lifelong passion. From the time I could walk, my parents had me aboard party boats and our own...

New Premium Fishing Rods Are Worth Every Penny

Tightwads, spendthrifts and cheapskates may want to turn the page. What I am about to discuss will offend your miserly sensibilities. I agree, there...

Hooked: The Minor Horror Of A Fish Hook Injury

It was a typical April day in New Jersey and I was glad to take advantage of warm temperatures and clear skies. I was...

Skunked Again: How To Outlast A Losing Streak

Learning to fly fish can prove challenging for many anglers. In college, I taught myself how to fly fish after receiving a fly rod...

The Modern Fish Act Is Good News For Anglers

I can keep five speckled trout, four grey trout or an unlimited number of sand trout. Why? Did you ever wonder who sets fishing...

Fishing For Stripers With A Tube And Worm Rig

Expert Advice To Help You Master the tube and worm for early season striped bass. Ring in.