Last spring, the mid-Atlantic suffered a wave of terrible weather. Anglers targeting giant red drum on their annual migration had to move fast and fish hard to score success. Kayak Angler reader Meghan Lorraine is ready to fish at the drop of a hat, just enough time to make the catch of a lifetime.

Kayak fishing for red drum was a game of waiting through long periods of wind and rain for a short weather window of clear skies. So just before the next front blew in, my fiancé Jay Brooks and I hit the water to look for schools of drum swimming on the surface.

After a long battle, I released my biggest red drum.

After hours on the water, we could see a nasty storm brewing on the horizon. We turned to head in when Jay spotted a huge school of drum. I made a cast with a Hogy swimbait and hooked into a beautiful bull red. The fish took me for a ride, dragging me through the shallow water while I fought to gain line.

After a long battle, I released my biggest red drum. Then we spotted the school again. With the clouds building and the wind picking up, we didn’t even hesitate to cast and catch another big red.

By the time we were done taking pictures of our catch, the storm was on us. The hour-long paddle back took two hours as we fought wind and waves with lighting crashing all around.

When I reached the landing, I decided catching big drum was worth all the trouble.



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