Information is the key to unlocking the mysteries of kayak fishing. Setting up a small plastic boat and setting out to catch a wary fish may seem like a daunting task. But, the best information on gear, tactics and rigging can bring fish and fisherman together. There is tons of information on websites and social media to get you started, but for specific tips and tactics on local fishing, anglers rely on kayak fishing forums.

These web-based communities host a variety of anglers from newbies to old salts. Message boards are organized into specific topics. Once an angler joins the board, he or she can post questions and read comments. The conversation among dedicated anglers results in no-nonsense answers and advice along with fishing reports and tips. Users also post items for sale and trade, and notifications about fishing tournaments and events.

These online communities comes together not only virtually, but also in-person through meet-ups and gatherings so members can connect faces with usernames.

Most popular kayak fishing forums

With the rise in popularity of social media, online forum communities have lost some of their steam. But anglers looking for reliable, specific information on all levels of fishing can’t beat a kayak fishing forum.

In the early years of modern kayak fishing, forums were the best source of information and advice on gear and tactics. Today, these same forums continue to provide specific tips and techniques generated by fellow anglers. Even with a wealth of information on the Internet about kayak fishing, nothing beats the real-world knowledge available on the best fishing kayak forums.

Man fishing from kayak
Curious about fishing a particular lake near you? Take to the forums. | Photo courtesy of: Ocean Kayaks

Kayak fishing forums based on location

Forums work best when they are focused on local fishing with specific information sourced from regional experts. Local forums are often sponsored or hosted by an area fishing club, and in addition to exchanging information they also allow club members to organize meetings, events and tournaments.

Post a question about kayaking, rigging and fishing, or search the forum’s archive of posts and articles for info and answers. Many local club forums are affiliated with area outfitters and tackle shops to create a network of anglers looking to share information.

Man fishing from kayak
Have a question about a specific type of kayak? Take to the forums. | Photo courtesy of: Perception Kayaks

Forums for different types of kayak fishing

While most forums cover a wide range of tactics and topics, each host has a speciality, usually linked to the geographic base of the forum. Coastal forums often specialize in saltwater kayak fishing and centrally-located forums will have more freshwater fishing members.

Large national forums host chat rooms for all types of fishing, but also favor saltwater or freshwater fishing depending on the preferences of the majority of their members. To determine the forum’s focus, review the categories and posts to find a forum that covers your favorite way to fish. Look at the topics, number of posts and the date of the most recent post to indicate what topics receive the most attention. For the best information, find a forum with recent posts on the topics and species that interest you.

Saltwater kayak fishing

Kayak bass fishing

Forums for different types of kayaks

Many kayak manufacturers have built a community of owners around a brand-specific forum. These forums are a great source of information about the company’s products and users share stories and photos of their boat’s rigging and use. Members post tips and suggestions as well as fishing reports.

Manufacturer forums are also a good source of information about product recalls and fixes. Many times, the forum’s hosts offer a direct link to the manufacturer for questions and comments. Other forums are centered around a specific type of kayak—such as inflatable or fly fishing kayaks—where like-minded anglers gather to share their experiences and knowledge about these boats.

Hobie kayak fishing

Kayak fly fishing

Person on a kayak going through bag.
Have a question about a particular piece of gear? Take to the forums. | Photo courtesy of: Wilderness Systems

Forums for kayak fishing accessories

While kayak fishing rigging and accessories are user-friendly and easy to install, there are still many questions about what to buy and how to use it. Many of the best forums include specific rooms to discuss rigging and using accessories. Users share tips and stories about what works and what doesn’t.

While some kayaks come ready to add electronics, rod holders and storage options, other boats leave it up to the owner to outfit for fishing. Forums on kayak accessories and setup are a good sounding board for ideas and questions. Photograph your rigged boat and share with the users for feedback and advice. Using either store-bought accessories or do-it-yourself mounts, rod holders and other rigging, these forums will help you put it all together.

Best kayak fish finder forums

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