Poetry in Ocean

Chris Carlisle
Worth a million words.

It’s an early morning just before dawn. The moonlight is shimmering off the dew on my lawn.
The morning breeze is gentle and cool. My wife quietly reminding me not to forget all my tools.
I arrive at the lake without a wave in sight, as the sun comes up to shed some light.
The sky is filled with pink, orange, and yellow, dawn is here to say hello.
I hop in my kayak and start to paddle. I am getting excited about the upcoming battle.
With my line in the water for only a while I get that bite that makes me smile.
The fight is on and it will take a bit. This fish is throwing one heck of a fit.
Keeping this fish would be a crime. Think how much more fun he will be to catch next time.
I wave as I say goodbye to my new friend. Smiling because I know this isn’t the end.

I am, a Kayak Angler.

A poem by Livingston lures Pro staff
Chris Carlisle


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