NuCanoe H2ProDrive At ICAST 2017

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Kayak Angler editor Ric Burnley pedaling the NuCanoe Frontier with the H2PRODRIVE.

NuCanoe offered their cable-driven pedal system that will fit in any NuCanoe hull at ICAST’s On the Water Demo.

Instead of designing a special kayak hull to accommodate a pedal system, the H2ProDrive uses a cable to drive a propeller that attaches to the stern of the kayak. The pedals mount on a bracket in the cockpit and the direction control attaches to the gunnel. The whole system can be removed by pulling a couple pins. The system will work in any NuCanoe kayak and is available as an aftermarket accessory.

We got a chance to test pedal the H2ProDrive at the ICAST On the Water Demo. The simple system uses a sprocket that turns a belt that turns the cable to turn the propeller. Spinning the pedals is smooth and the prop moves the boat at a good pace. Turning the pedals too fast makes the system jumpy but slowing down smooths the stroke. A lever on the gunnel controls direction. Having the prop turn the boat instead of using a rudder is more responsive. I was impressed with the lack of noise from the system. Since the propeller is in the stern, there is no turbulence as water passes under the boat. A quick release allows the prop system to pop up if it hits an obstruction.

The H2Pro is a great option for NuCanoe owners looking to add a pedal drive to their livery. The modular system preserves the boat’s famous open deck leaving plenty of room for stand-up fishing or bringing the family. Best of all, remove the pedals, and you still have a great-paddling kayak.

Check out the video below:

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