Angle Oar Launches New Kayak Paddle

Angle Oar
Image of a kayak angler fishing from a kayak that is equipped with an angle oar paddle.

San Luis Obispo, CA – The company behind the newly patented paddle for kayak anglers, people with shoulder or back injuries, and recreational kayakers has announced the official launch of its flagship product, Angle Oar. 

The Angle Oar paddle system consists of a mount that can be attached to most sit-in and some sit-on-top kayaks, a short post that supports the paddle, and the kayak paddle itself. The mount and post carry the weight of the paddle, resulting in less joint stress on the shoulders, elbows and wrists and minimizing torso rotation.

Kayak angler paddles using the Angle Oar adaptive kayak paddle.


The paddle pivots in all directions on top of the post and can used be three ways:

  • as a traditional straight paddle, ideal for entering and exiting the water;
  • straight and on the mount, best for when the paddler wants to alleviate stress on their shoulders,  when water conditions are choppy and/or to allow for hands-free fishing or one-handed paddling; and,
  • angled and on the mount, for the most energy-efficient experience, when the water is calm and/or to allow for hands-free fishing or one-handed paddling.

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Because the paddle can be easily maneuvered with just one hand, it provides a strong alternative to paddle leashes, bungee cords and pedal kayaks. Anglers can hold the rod in one hand and paddle to a nearby location with the other. When they’re reeling in the fish, they simply “let go” and the paddle stays in place, on the mount.

The Angle Oar shaft and blades are made of fiberglass. A locking pin on the center of the shaft is used to adjust the paddle to either the straight or angled position. Each shaft also features a push button with three positions so that the shafts can be independently shortened or lengthened from 205 to 240 cm to accommodate the width of wider angling kayaks or compensate for windy conditions. The mount uses RAM Mount components and the track system is compatible with other RAM Mounts, Scotty and YakAttack accessories such as rod holders or camera. When not in use, the Angle Oar mount can be easily removed.

Image of the cockpit of a kayak outfitted with the angle oar adaptive kayak paddle.


“It’s taken us longer than anticipated to finally get to this point,” said Meg McCall, founder of Angle Oar, “but we really wanted to get the mounting system just right. Now that we’ve accomplished that goal, we’ll soon be releasing some related products that will broaden the kayaking market even further.”

Several paddlers had advanced access to Angle Oar. “I got a chance to use the Angle Oar, and I really like it. I was surprised how far I went as I paddled and…then turned around to see where I was. It took me a few seconds to find the dock I started from,” said Debora Covino, age 61. “My shoulders didn’t hurt afterwards.”

Angle Oar is available for purchase online at and through a growing list of retail distributors. 

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