Tell your friends, tell your boss, tell your spouse, your neighbors, that random guy walking down the street—tell everyone! This year, you need to go fishing more often and there’s nothing that will get in your way. For a better excuse than simply wanting to go, try these totally legitimate reasons why you should fish more often.

5 Reasons You Should Fish More Often

1 For Your Health

No, seriously. Kayak fishing will make you healthier. Not only are you healthier when you’re happier, but notice how tired you feel at the end of each day on the water? Fishing is actually hard work…sort of.

The intensity of your workout depends on how much you paddle or pedal, versus relying on a motor or simply drifting with the current. Paddling miles offshore, covering every inch of the lake, or battling heavy current and stiff winds? You can certainly say you worked out.

Even if you do have a motor, handling a heavy fishing kayak at the launch can be hard work. Just try lifting an 80-pound boat off your roof and dragging it to the ramp without breaking a sweat.

man stands up on a kayak and fishes in the morning light
Besides wanting to go, here are five reasons you should go fishing more often. | Feature photo: Ben Duchesney

2 For the Greater Good

Going out fishing also helps the greater good by supporting the sport. It’s no secret that kayak anglers are obsessed with gear. Your purchase helps to support paddle shops, boat and gear manufacturers, and ultimately the entire kayak fishing industry. So go ahead and get that cool new ride or flashy paddle—it helps all of us! (Note: Kayak Angler is not responsible if this argument fails to convince your spouse.)

3 Fish More, Work Better

This idea is very popular in the outdoor industry at companies like Patagonia or Orvis, and especially Kayak Angler: happier people are better workers. Companies are increasing the opportunities for employees to get out and play. The more relaxed and fulfilled they are outside of work, the more focused they’ll be at work.

This fishing season, tell your boss you need to come in late every Monday so you can have a more productive week. (Again, can’t blame us if they say no!) That’s why Kayak Angler and Rapid Media employees go paddling together and get on the water every chance we get. And yes, we’re hiring.

4 Help the Environment

One of the best reasons to fish from a kayak instead of a motorboat is that it helps the environment. Instead of shredding through marsh grass, spewing fumes into the air and annoying every bird within hearing range, instead you can slide over the grass using only your paddle or pedals and annoy every bird trying to fish your spot.

Paddle anglers are also among our nation’s top organizers for conservation. The people who play in these wild habitats and far-flung fisheries are the ones who want to protect them the most. Support your local kayak fishing group, become a member of a conservation or river clean-up club and help your favorite fishery flourish. And then, go fishing to celebrate.

5 Make Yourself Smarter

Before we lose you with this one: fishing really can make you smarter, or at least keep your mind sharp. Problem solving is one of the best ways to maintain mental sharpness, and there is no greater puzzle than a fish that just won’t bite. Keeping track of all the variables—weather, temperature, time of day, tides, season, target species, lure color, the fish’s mood—takes a lot of work.

The more time you spend learning about all of these variables and putting them into practice, the smarter angler you become. That knowledge might not get you a MacArthur Genius Grant, but you’ll gain a good reputation among your kayak fishing community as someone who really knows fish. And what’s cooler than that? Go fishing more!

Besides wanting to go, here are five reasons you should go fishing more often. | Feature photo: Ben Duchesney




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