Keep Kayak Fishing Safe – Wear your Lifejacket

This is Ted. Ted is a kayak fishing enthusiast. For Ted, efficiency and speed always come first, but this leaves Ted unprepared for his kayaking experience.

One simple choice makes all the difference for Ted. Just grab your PFD before heading out onto the water and you are safe to go.

Always be sure that you have your PFD. When on the water, safety always comes first.

Check out the video below.


  1. Sounds good, good buzz words in the promo yet too many videos, both of anglers and by manufacturers still show people on the water without life jackets or other flotation devices being worn. Too many kayak companies talking the talk but not walking it when it comes to videos, ads and other marketing options. Many in the media industry won’t use images in which the “kayaker” is not wearing an appropriate PFD.


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