Ty Southerland
Theresa knows jack.

Ty Southerland and I were in South Padre Island to film the UB Captain kayak fishing tournament and get some 30milesOut episodes on film as well. We went back out after day 1 weigh ins and after we spoke to some of the guys about what they caught and where. This was my first time fishing South Padre. I had already caught the baby grouper earlier in the day and was super happy about that. I had never caught one before. Ty was drifting and throwing topwater and I was anchored out throwing cut mullet and topwater… BAM! Double hook up, trout on my topwater just as the other rod bent over! Got the trout in pretty quick and grabbed the other rod. Had no idea what I had on but it was heavy! Fought it and landed it… NICE South Padre Red!!! My day was already made!!

Ty decided we should try our luck around the old causeway bridge so we headed that direction. I noticed birds working and pointed it out to him. He was ahead of me… if you don’t know Ty… when he sees bait bustin he starts squealin like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert… He was hollerin back at me “Jacks, Jacks, bustin bait… hurry up… get your topwater in here.” Right then he hooked up on one that took him on a sleigh ride!! Under the bridge and around a piling where it snapped off. I tossed my topwater in and right away “attack of the jack”!! They were all over my spook jr. and I hooked up immediately. I had never fought a jack so this was a dream come true. The adrenaline rush was in full force. Landed that jack as fast as I could!! It was AWESOME!! I have been fishing my entire life and I have never caught that many species all at once. South Padre Island is the place to GO! I will be going back!

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