The scale stopped at 13.8 kilos (30.4 pounds) and it measured 120 cm (47 inches). Photo: Dennis Skou
The scale stopped at 13.8 kilos (30.4 pounds) and it measured 120 cm (47 inches).

Dennis Skou, a Hobie pro staffer and tournament angler from Denmark, sent over the story of his personal best pike to show off the fishing in Denmark. Check out the full story below:

“No wind. The sun rises and all I can hear is the chirping of birds. It almost seems like people don’t exist. The environment takes color of the sun’s glow in the sky and I’m ready. I know that today will be a good day, because all signs of success are present. I have to get out there–NOW!

As I sail out to one of my hot spots, my level of energy and happiness increases to the max. A very beautiful sunrise, nothing but tall trees surrounding the lake, my fully equipped Pro Angler and on top of all that, I’ve got the lake to myself! Can’t get any better then this!
I fish through the day with a fair amount of action. The summer temperature have had an effect on the fish and I have to really work for it to get them to bite! I set my bait at different depths and fish with 4 rods at a time. Trolling with big rubber eels had proved to work before, so that’s what I’m trying again. I’m keeping an eye on the sounder at all times, looking for schools of bait fish and structures. I know the lake very well, so I know where to look.
In the early evening one of my rods bends and the braided line starts to get pulled of the reel. I instantly grab the rod and secure a good hold of the fish. I release the brake on the reel, put the rod back in the rod holder and quickly reel in the other baits. After that the fight can begin!
I know it’s a pike with a good size, but I have no idea that I’m about to land a new personal best. Not only is it a personal best, it’s also the second biggest fish (documented) ever caught on that lake. After a very long fight i unhook the fish and gently put it back out where it belongs. We take good care of our pike in Denmark and catch and release is something we like very much. The scale stopped at 13.8 kilos (30.4 pounds) and it measured 120 cm (47 inches).
The sun sets and the smile on my lips just wont go away! A beautiful day on the lake became one of the best days of my life, hands down! Experience the pike fishing in Denmark, and see why we are the happiest people on the planet!”

Want more from Dennis Skou and Denmark pike? Check out this video, “Pike from Across the Pond.”


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