Weekend Warrior: Coming up Snakeheads

Josh Henson
Snakehead are fun to catch and good to eat.

Josh Henson sent these details about his snakehead adventure.

Tackle: 3/0 mustad gripper hooks, any sort of floating plastic type frog.

20lb Jerry brown braided line with a 20lb seaguar fluorocarbon leader.

Rod/reel: I was using a shimano stradic ci4 3000 on a carrot stick 6-14class rod

Location: canals of pompano beach Florida.

Launched around 9a.m. And headed up the canal. On Jonathan hokes first cast, he gets one to wake behind it, and BOOM! Hooked up. These things death roll faster than any alligator and rip drag like a freshwater wahoo! I was amazed. He lands it and sticks a knife through its head, dinner!  About a hour goes by and he lands two more small ones and I never enticed one. We switched sides of the canal and on my first cast, one exploads on my lure! Watching it spin, jump, and try to shake the hook instantly addicted me. Once their in the boat, it’s a completely different battle! They rip, groan, and death roll in the net trying to escape.  Thankfully Jonathan was prepared with a small bat to ale care of business. With one landed I set into wanting another. I threw four times under a over hanging tree and had four hook ups, landing 2 more in the 26″ range! It was the funnest fishing I think I’ve ever done and I highly recommend it to anyone. We get a call from our buddies that were in the neighboring canal and Donny Miley caught one 27″er.

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Ric Burnley
“Thank God my dad wasn’t a podiatrist,” jokes Ric about following in the footsteps of a famous outdoor writer. After graduating from Radford University and serving two years in Russia with the Peace Corps, Ric returned to Virginia Beach and started writing for The Fisherman magazine, where his dad was editor. When the kayak fishing scene exploded, Ric was among the first to get onboard. His 2007 book, The Complete Kayak Fisherman is one of the first tomes to introduce anglers to paddle fishing and hundreds of articles and seminars have brought countless anglers into the fold. When he’s not chasing every fish that swims, Ric teaches English at a school for at-risk teens.


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