Baffin Bay might be what makes everything bigger in Texas. It’s easily hackable for kayak anglers seeking trophy speckled trout, redfish and black drum. In order to crack the bay’s code, forget what you know about traditional saltwater fishing.

The place doesn’t make sense. There are no large freshwater drains or open passes like other inshore hot spots. High salinity makes it impossible for shellfish and other sensitive species to survive.

Despite a disastrous scenario, the bay has one feature locals theorize attributes to the record-sized sea trout. Structures built 3,000 years ago by serpulid rock worms create a unique ecosystem harboring bait and providing shelter for big trout.

Baffin Bay is surrounded by one of the largest game ranches in the world, don’t be surprised to see zebras, camels, nilgai and other exotic animals.

Ninety percent of the coast is off limits to access, but the whole bay is 100-percent fishable.

Captain Fil Spencer, 361-815-4240, covers Rockport, Corpus Christi and Baffin Bay
Stop by ACK San Antonio for last-minute gear and accessories. 210-593-7063
For bait and tackle, Baffin Bay Convenience Store has the freshest bait and the best local-choice lures. 361-297-5747
Baffin On the Rocks Cabins: 361-592-3474
The name is a dead giveaway. The cabins offer an easy launch right in the middle of a big trout hotspot. After dark, fish the dock lights for heart thumping action on trout and redfish.
King’s Inn is a menu-free landmark serving fresh filets and seafood by the pound. Pick out your favorite dish and they cook it to order. 361-297-5265
Refuel with comfort food, visit Baffin Bay Seafood Co, a casual place to wear flip-flops and get a quick and delicious meal. 361-297-5174

What’s biting

The big three: speckled trout, redfish and black drum. Lucky anglers find huge saddle bag flounder hanging around docks or turning shorelines with steep drop-offs.


For the best chance at a trophy trout, follow the seasonal cycles.

Through fall, find big trout, schooling redfish and scrambling black drum fattening up for the winter.

In spring, hungry trout, reds and black drum come out of the winter cold snaps cruising shorelines for buried crabs.

Rigged Up

Bait: Fish the bottom with single drop leader or cast a popping cork along the shoreline. Ask folks at the local bait shops what’s fresh. Shrimp, mullet and Fish Bites are the golden ticket.

Lures: A medium-power rod and reel combo with moderate to fast action is perfect for working a variety of lures. Paddle tails, suspension baits, twitch baits, and topwater’s are trophy producers.

Go with 30-pound braid. If the water is clear, add three feet of 20-pound fluorocarbon leader.

Game Plan

Start early morning and fish until noon. Retreat for a siesta then return to fish the sunset bite.

Rock structure is the key to finding fish.
Look for submerged rocks or fish the shoreline. Choose a shoreline with moving water. To escape the heat, fish the dock lights at night.

Baffling good fishing. | Featured Photo: Chris Castro


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