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McCain’s new Kayak Series has smart features and eye-catching looks.

Two big names in fishing tackle have dedicated themselves to building fishing rods for kayak anglers.

McCain is famous for fantastic fishing rods with innovative features. Working with kayak fishing pros, they’ve taken their creativity to a new line of kayak fishing rods. At the 2016 ICAST tradeshow, we stopped by the McCain booth where kayak pro Sydney Sewell took us on a tour of the new Kayak Series. The rods come in 14 models built on graphite blanks and the big game models have an E-glass backbone. Fuji reel seats keep the reel stuck to the rod and Super Slick Guides allow for long casts and improve sensitivity. To make the rods kayak friendly, each rod comes with a rod sock, LineCutterz ring and lanyard that attaches to a metal eye on the blank. Sydney explained that each rod in the series is technique focused, with specific qualitites that make the rod perfect of finesse fishing or throwing big plugs. The rods have a shorter rod but to improve hook sets and comfort in the kayak. McCain is famous for striking looks and the Kayak Series sparkles slime green with matching bright green lanyard, LineCutterz and rod sock. Best of all, each of the models is priced at $179.

McCain Sm

Lamiglas is one of the oldest and most respected name in fishing rod design. They’ve taken their reputation and skills and applied them to a new Paco Kayak Series rods. Designed under the expertise of long-time kayak angler, Paco Ernandez, the new rods start on a solid backbone. At the 2016 ICAST tradeshow, Paco showed off his new sticks. The freshwater models feature a graphite blank while the saltwater line gets extra strength from an E-glass backbone. Top quality Fuji Alconite guides and Fuji reel seats that are handcrafted in the USA for top quality rod that will survive life in a kayak. Paco pointed out a cool foam and graphite grip that provides ultimate grip and sensitivity. A shorter rear grip makes for easier casting and fishing in a cramped kayak cockpit. We like the 270-pound tensile strength lanyard loop in the rod butt that will keep the rod attached to the kayak even under the pressure of a big fish. The rods come in three saltwater and three freshwater models.

Lamiglas sm

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