I first saw SeaDek kayak kits in person at Outdoor Retailer, when Diablo Kayaks was showing off its new partnership with SeaDek, where every one of its boats was decked out (get it?) in padding. As soon as I felt the plush, non-skid padding, I was sold. I needed it. With all the nooks and crannies on my Old Town Predator 13, I figured I was pushing my luck hoping for a kit that would fit my kayak; but of course they had it, along with many other models, available.

The durable, shock-absorbent pads not only make standing barefoot all day as comfortable as standing on your own personal cloud, they also help minimize noise when you drop pliers or your rod. When I’m on the flats, stealth is my number one asset, so noise is my worst enemy. And great white sharks. After only one trip out to the sand, I could tell I was quieter, sneaking up on fish closer than I could last season, without the padding. It also adds more grip, so I won’t slip on fish slime and take a dip into the water.

When I first got the kit opened, I was relieved at just how easily I could install it. With pre-cut pieces and sturdy peel-and-stick backs, I probably had the entire kit installed in less than 15 minutes. That’s fast. The nonabsorbent, closed cell, marine grade EVA material stands up to you dropping hooks on the floor all day long. I still haven’t seen a cut or gash in my padding after weeks of hard (almost abusive) use.

If you don’t see a kayak kit for your boat, SeaDek can help make a template specifically designed for your kayak. They are also adding new kits all the time, so check their website to see if they’ve added one.

Customizable colors and graphic options let you trick out your boat like no one else’s. Get your club name, your logo or name of your dog inlaid into your padding and represent your passions with pride.

I’m totally ruined now—I’ll never have a kayak without SeaDek again as it’s just too comfortable and even helps me nail more fish. Who could argue with that?


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