Ric Burnley
Cool new gadgets like YakAttack’s Drop-Track mounted Multi Mount Cupholder and rod holder will find a place on my kayak.

Nothing gets kayak anglers hot like new accessories. YakAttack and Propel Watersports brought fantastic new stuff to OR.

YakAttack keeps setting the bar for accessory manufactures and they had several prototypes on the show floor. I pulled owner Luther Cifers aside for a tour of two new hot items. First, he showed us the new Stealth pulley. Not satisfied with existing anchor trolley pulleys, Cifers designed a new low-profile pulley that runs on a Teflon impregnated hub that is smooth and silent. The pulley is shielded by a high-impact plastic cover that will protect it from pilings and rocks. The new pulley will be included in their anchor trolley kits and available to purchase separately.

IMG 5989

Another cool product interfaces with a cooler track. The new clip will hold a new cup holder or new rod holder. The Multi Mount cupholder can be clipped to the Drop-lock interface track or mounted on a gear track. The tube rod holder fits in the Drop Lock track and can be adjusted for longer rod butts. Cifers also showed off the new Command Stand stand-assist bar and bar-mount Mighty Mount. I can’t wait to get these gadgets on the water.

IMG 5999

At the Propel Watersports booth I found more cool toys for kayak fishing. One of my favorites that is new for 2017 is the suction mount tie downs. These webbing tiedowns have a spring loaded clip and attach to any smooth surface with a super-powerful suction cup. I can see using this on my SUP to tied down a cooler or even a frame seat.

IMG 6011

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Ric Burnley
“Thank God my dad wasn’t a podiatrist,” jokes Ric about following in the footsteps of a famous outdoor writer. After graduating from Radford University and serving two years in Russia with the Peace Corps, Ric returned to Virginia Beach and started writing for The Fisherman magazine, where his dad was editor. When the kayak fishing scene exploded, Ric was among the first to get onboard. His 2007 book, The Complete Kayak Fisherman is one of the first tomes to introduce anglers to paddle fishing and hundreds of articles and seminars have brought countless anglers into the fold. When he’s not chasing every fish that swims, Ric teaches English at a school for at-risk teens.


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