The Cheeky Fishing Cydro spinning reel has fancy features and a price tag any angler can afford. Photo: Ben Duchesney
The Cheeky Fishing Cydro spinning reel has fancy features and a price tag any angler can afford.

I always thought the great features of a spinning reel were out of my price range, at least the price range that I would spend on gear I know I’ll break in a season. I always cycled through cheaper gear quickly, instead of investing in a reel that would crumble to the pressure’s of performing in inshore conditions day in and day out. That is, until I saw the Cheeky Fishing Cydro spinning reel at ICAST 2015 this year.

The Cydro 3500, with a price tag of $129, has so many features that are well beyond what most would assume a sub $200 reel to have. Designed for inshore and saltwater use, Cheeky’s SaltForce aluminum frame, paired with a stainless steel main shaft will keep the reel performaning after seasons and seasons of abuse.

The Cheeky Fishing Cydro Reel can handle any trophy it goes up against.

The easily adjustable PWR+ Multi-Disc Drag System let me turn on the power when I wanted to give a fish the brakes, but was smooth enough that I could use lighter tippets for those skinny water brutes that cruise the flats and would spook at a gust of wind. Its 9+1 stainless steel ball bearings and fully machined CarbonSpin spool design make for an effortless retrieve every time and a 6:1 gear ratio kept my line coming in fast when I needed to recast to another school of fish.

At only 9.4 ounces, this reel is light enough to throw plugs all day long and won’t wear you out. The signature eccentric color scheme that Cheeky Fishing is known for makes this the perfect reel for both beginners looking to complete their rod outfit in style, or old salts looking for an affordable, durable workhorse of a spinning reel.

High dollar features at a low price tag make the Cheeky Fishing Cydro reel a bargain.

For more information about Cheeky Fishing, or their new Cydro reel, check out their website,


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