A grippy base kept the Avex ReCharge AUTOSEAL Tumbler from sliding around. Photos: Ben Duchesney
A grippy base kept the Avex ReCharge AUTOSEAL Tumbler from sliding around.

These days it seems like you can’t call yourself an angler unless you have a cool stainless steel mug to hold your beverage on the water. One of the newest mugs to hit the scene is also one that has the slickest design. The Avex ReCharge AUTOSEAL Tumbler, $27.99, is vacuum insulated and made from stainless steel to keep your coffee hot for up to 7 hours, or your icy drink cold for 17 hours. 17 hours! To test the capabilities of the mug, I made myself my afternoon iced coffee (what, you don’t have multiple cups a day?) in the morning, and set it aside for the afternoon. six hours later it was still as frosty as if I had put it in the fridge.

The Avex ReCharge Tumbler kept my beverage cold for hours.

Unlike other stainless steel mugs, Avex designed their new ReCharge Tumbler with their AUTOSEAL technology, which means your drink won’t spill all over your gear every time you set the hook on a fish. Press the button, which is perfectly placed, while you drink and then the mug automatically closes after you put it back down. The one-handed operation means you can fish and take a swig at the same time.

I loved the exterior coating of the ReCharge AUTOSEAL Tumbler, as it provided more grip than plain stainless steel, and the matte finish also prevents glare on the water. A built-in slide lock on the lid makes sure you don’t accidentally open it while throwing it into your backpack and an added spout cover keeps you from drinking saltwater or dirt all day.

The Avex ReCharge Tumbler features a lid cover to keep dirt out of your drink.

The bottom of the mug is grippy and prevented it from falling off my tailgate, even when I was climbing into the back of my truck to get gear. The new and improved lid, which feels solid and durable, features a drop-down mechanism for easy cleaning and is top-rack dishwasher safe. It’s 100% BPA-free.

For more information about Avex, or their ReCharge AUTOSEAL Tumbler, check out their website, AvexSport.com.


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