5 Steps To Patch Your Kayak With Gator Guards

Protect your investment and be ready in a pinch

Even tough rotomolded and thermoformed kayaks need protection and repair. Gator Patch polyester resin patches from Gator Guards are the strongest way to protect or fix contact points on a kayak. Now, the patch material comes in a 36-inch roll to fix or protect any part of the boat.

Nick Barr, Gator Guards’ VP of Sales, gave us a step-by-step demonstration of their Gator Patch product.


Repair Your Kayak with Gator Patch

1 Prepare the Surface

Start by sanding the plastic to rough-up the contact point. Next, prepare the area for patching by wiping off dust and dirt with rubbing alcohol and allowing it to dry.

man demonstrates how to prepare boat before patching
Prepare the kayak’s surface by sanding and cleaning the area to be patched.

2Place the Patch

After sizing up the patch, cut a piece of the material to fit over the area and removed the backing, slowly affixing the patch to the hull.

man affixes Gator Patch to kayak
Affix the Gator Patch along the center line with smooth, even pressure.

3Smooth the Patch

Start in the center and press out toward the sides, firmly pushing out air bubbles and creases. Use a rubber mallet or roller to further press and roll out imperfections.

man smooths the Gator Patch with a rubber mallet
Use your thumbs and a rubber mallet to smooth out the Gator Patch.

4 Remove Film

Once the patch is attached, remove the plastic film on top of the material and further squeeze and work out air bubbles and creases.

man removes top film from the Gator Patch
Remove the top film and smooth out any remaining imperfections.

5 Cure in Sun

Finally, set the patch in the sun to cure. Average wait time is 30 minutes to an hour, but could be as short as a few minutes on a hot, sunny day. Once the resin cures, the patch can be sanded, painted and molded to perfection.

cure the patch in sunlight or use UV light
The Gator Patch will cure to hardness in 30–60 minutes of full sunlight, or use a UV light.

Gator Patch polyester resin patches from Gator Guards are the strongest way to protect or fix contact points on a kayak. | Feature image: Kayak Angler/YouTube


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