Garmin’s Striker Plus: GPS with Sonar

Kayak anglers are looking for powerful fish finder and GPS that will fit in a small place and take abuse. Garmin’s Striker Plus is a perfect fit.

From the four-inch model for smaller boats to the nine-inch for full power, the Striker Plus provides big boat features in a small package. Offering a full range of fish finders, the Striker Plus has traditional CHiRP, ClearVu and SideVu sonar.

CHIRP uses two signals at different powers for a more detailed image of structure and fish below the boat. ClearVu produces a near-photographic image of structure while SideVu shows what is on either side of the kayak.

The Striker Plus GPS uses Quickdraw Contours to allow the angler to create custom charts. As the boat passes over the bottom, the sonar creats an image on the GPS screen of depth contours. Angler can add waypoints and tracks.

Kayak anglers looking for another powerful and compact electronics tool to track data will appreciate Garmin’s line of quantix Marine smartwatches. We like the quantix 3 with GPS, barometer, altimeter.

For fishing, they added tide data, anchor watch, competition timer and fish counter. It also counts steps and calories burned to track fitness data. The GPS function includes a compass to display heading and storing way points and tracks. Oh yeah, the quantix 3 displays time of day.


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