Rig the bar for standup fishing success, complete with rod holders, cup holders, camera and electronics. Photos: Robert Field/Yak Gear
Rig the bar for standup fishing success, complete with rod holders, cup holders, camera and electronics.

When I first saw Robert Field’s post about testing out the new StandNCast standup bar, $189.99, from Yak Gear, I immediatley called their marketing guru Mark Vlaskamp to get more info. The bar is designed to be a versatile accessory than can be mounted to nearly any every fishing kayak on the market (fitting kayaks with gunwale widths anywhere between 20-36″ wide gunwales), which means you don’t have to rig your own anymore and look like a fool with a giant PVC contraption on the top of your boat. The expected release date for the new bar is May 1, 2016.

The Yak Gear StandNCast will take standup fishing to a whole new level.

Designed to attached to two Railblaza StarPort mounts you probably already have near your seat and two nylon adjustable bimini mounts toward the bow. This way the bar can be easily raised or lowered depending on your fishing needs. Yak Gear also made sure to set up the bar with tons of space for mounting rod holders or cameras and is even including two Railblaza G-Holds to hold your paddle as a standard feature. No more bending down every two seconds to swap your paddle for a rod.

Yak Gear was clever enough with the design to allow (and includes in the kit) mounting the bar with hard mounts or a track mount. The bar weighs 4.5 pounds and measures 36 inches tall, more than enough height to get a good brace when leaning against it and fighting fish. The StandNCast is also made from black anodized aluminum bar which means it’s designed to last for season after season.

The Yak Gear StandNCast will mount to your already existing Railblaza USA StarPort mounts.

After testing the new StandNCast, Field said in a Facebook post, “The prototype is rock solid, easy to put down and out of the way in an instant. It’s making it easier to look for bedding bass without having to constantly put my paddle and rods down on the deck. Pretty slick.”

The Yak Gear StandNCast will let you mount rod holders, cameras and other accessories within easy reach for standup fishing.

For more information about Yak Gear, or their new StandNCast, check out their website, Yak-Gear.com.


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