Fresh Catch: RAILBLAZA E Series StarPorts (VIDEO)

Simply plug in your electronics to the mount's base and go fishing. Photos: Courtesy RAILBLAZA USA
Simply plug in your electronics to the mount’s base and go fishing.

Instead of worrying about running cables and wires all over your boat and through the hull, this way and that, now you can just plug in your electronics, like your fish finder, phone or even your cameras, directly to the base of your mount. The new E Series StarPorts from RAILBLAZA, feature a plug-in at their base, which you can connect to a power source and use to get rid of the hassle of wiring your boat.

There are two versions of the new E Series mounts, the E Series USB StarPort and the E Series 12V StarPort, to give you the exact type of power you need. The USB StarPort will provide “a USB quick charge, at 2.1A and comes complete with a DC to DC converter, and a 900mm long cable, simply connect to a 12V supply.”

Power your electronics easier than ever with the Railblaza E Series StarPorts.

The 12V version of the new E Series StarPort comes with a 12V 3A plug and socket, water proof rubber cap, StarPort adaptor for attaching your item, and is IP56 rated.

With almost the same footpring of the old StarPorts, the new E Series StarPorts can be surface mounted or rail mounted and comply with ROHS standards, and have CE and RCM certification.

For more information about RAILBLAZA, or their new E Series Starport Mounts, check out their website,


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