The Maniac Custom Lures Gizzy Bug shows off a fat crawfish profile bass won't pass up. Photos: Courtesy Maniac Custom Lures
The Maniac Custom Lures Gizzy Bug shows off a fat crawfish profile bass won’t pass up.

If I had to choose only one soft plastic, I’d probably pick a crawfish imitation. Out of all the big bass that I’ve caught in my life, most, if not all, have been fooled by some form of creature bait, which usually mimics a crawfish. The Maniac Custom Lures Gizzy Bug, $2.79 (for bag of 15), looks like a fat juicy crawfish and features legs on the side for added wiggle that I’m sure would have bass fighting each other to strike. The 3/4 inch long bait is available in a variety of colors, even custom colors, to make sure that you can match the hatch to what’s swimming in your local waters.

This Lure is designed for crappie, perch, trout, and most varieties of pan-fish, but I think that bass would love this bait, either rigged weightless by itself, thrown on a jighead, or even as a trailer bait for your spinnerbaits or jigs. Maniac Custom Lures recommends rigging the Gizzy Bug on a 1/32-1/64 oz jig-head. The Gizzy Bug is also available for bulk orders, so you can stock up for the entire season right now.

The Maniac Gizzy Bug is available in custom colors and bulk quantities.

For more information about Maniac Custom Lures, or their Gizzy Bug, check out their website,


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