The new Zerust tackle storage option from Flambeau Outdoors makes your favorite lures last season after season. Photos: Courtesy Flambeau Outdoors
The new Zerust tackle storage option from Flambeau Outdoors makes your favorite lures last season after season.

For some reason by the time spring rolls around I have more tackle boxes than I went into winter with.

Not that I remember buying new tackle boxes, they just appear. Part of the reason behind this strange phenomenon is the fact that at least one tackle box is forgotten about while I’m cleaning lures for the last time before putting them into their hibernation and I open it up once the weather warms and it’s full of junked up, practically useless, rusted out lures.

Many times the rust creates a coating inside the trays of the tackle box and I feel like it breeds more and more rust on every hook I put in the box for the rest of the season. Now once I see that a rust epidemic has occured, the tackle box gets “retired” and passed down to a buddy or a younger sibling in need of a tackle box. That was my annual ritual until I discovered Zerust products from Flambeau Outdoors at ICAST 2015 last summer. Every since I’m not as pertified every time I open a tackle box for the first time in the year.

The newest addition to Flambeau’s lineup of Zerust tackle storage is their Waterproof Satchel, (at top) starting at $45, which feature the famed Zerust and also a lid with an o-ring seal and a recessed work area. For the true order-obessed, the satchel also features two glide trays that rotate out for easy access to the storage compartment at the bottom of the bag. The customizable base storage area and durable thick-wall construction means you can not only keep gear organized, but safe at the same time. Available in May, 2016, in four different sizes.


The new Flambeau Outdoors Zerust system is a true game changer.

Another new addition to the group is Flambeau Outdoors’ Tuff Box, $9-$17, the solution for anglers that need something a little more heavy-duty.

The waterproof storage container can keep tools and electronics safe and dry while you fish and the tackle trays with the Zerust protection will keep your favorite lures looking new. The Tuff Box is also a great solution for storing your tackle over the winter season so you won’t open up a nightmare come spring.

The Tuff Box is true to its name, featuring a construction of a shatterproof polycarbonate. The clear o-ring sealed lid keeps water out but still allows you to peek in and decide what lure to tie on next before you even open the box. An added internal rubberized bumper system means your gear won’t get damaged on the inside and will muffle noise, while a pressure release valve makes the box safe for air travel. Available in five sizes, later in 2016.


Check out the entire lineup of Flambeau Outdoors Zerust products.

For more information about Flambeau Outdoors, or their new Zerust products, check out their website,


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