Use Fish-D-Funk wipes to catch more fish, but not smell like you did. Photos: Courtesy Fish-D-Funk
Use Fish-D-Funk wipes to catch more fish, but not smell like you did.

It’s kind of funny that the day we find Chris Funk’s hilarious hunting spoof video where he talks about scent control is the same day we hear about the new Fish-D-Funk wipes. As funny as that video is, it’s very true that scent can sometimes play a big role in how your day goes on the water. Sometimes the fish can be very turned off by the smell of your sunscreen, your breakfast that morning, or that aftershave you put on a day ago that everyone can still smell from ten feet away.

Their Fish Catching Formula, $9.99, allows anglers to wipe away the smell of their gas tank or their coffee before picking up your gear. “Fish reportedly can smell one part per million in water,” said the Fish-D-Funk website, which means they can smell the oils and residues on your lure, even if you can’t.

Fish-D-Funk will take the slime out of your day and put fish in the boat.

Unlike most fishing scents that you see on the market, Fish-D-Funk’s Fish Odor Remover, $9.99, is designed to remove the fish smell from your hands after you catch fish. Instead of tasting the delicacy that is fish slime every time you eat lunch on the water, now you can remove the slime. (Unless you like the taste). Imagine how happy your friends and family will be when you meet up with them after a day on the water that you don’t smell like fish slime. Though you probably still could use a shower.

Fish-D-Funk’s wipes use their exclusive “DOUBLE DOWN Technology,” that is designed to work in two ways. First, the wipes neutralize odors at a molecular level, and they also counteract the odors at the molecular level.

For more information on Fish-D-Funk, their Fish Catching Formula, or their Fish Odor Remover, check out their website,


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