Carry and store your gear like ever before with the Boonedox Kayak Fishing Trailer. Photos: Courtesy Boonedox USA
Carry and store your gear like ever before with the Boonedox Kayak Fishing Trailer.

I’ve been on the hunt for a trailer for a while now and I haven’t found anything that will let me carry multiple boats with ease and let me store my gear. The Boonedox USA Kayak Fishing Trailer, $3,399.95, is designed to fix that problem, with a 700lbs max capacity in a lightweight 300lbs trailer.

The trailer is designed to carry up to three boats and features 8ft. storage boxes that have “a cushioned top rail for your rods, and plenty of room for tackle boxes, pedal drives, PFD, paddles, etc.,” says the Boonedox USA website. My favorite part is that both storage boxes are lockable, so you can keep all your gear and your kayaks on your trailer and just hook it up to your car or truck whenever you want to go fishing. Don’t forget your lockable cam straps though.

The Boonedox Kayak Fishing Trailer will change the way you fish.

Hobie anglers will love the Boonedox KFT as well, since the kayak rails are pre-drilled to have a Hobie Cradle set installed.

The trailer is built “on a Torflex Axle with Marine grade wheels and premium tires, features both side and rear LED lights.” Boonedox USA’s high-vis orange powdercoat means that your trailer won’t get rear-ended or get worn down. It’ll also double as a nice becon when you’re heading back from catching all day.

The Kayak Fishing Trailer is made from rust-proof aircraft grade aluminum so you don’t have to worry about the trailer eroding away on the beach while you’re out fishing. The aluminum construction also means that, attached a 2″ receiver, any car can tow the trailer with ease. Even your hybrid. I’ve been hunting for a trailer just like this for a while, now I just need to decide what I want to put on and in it.

For more information about Boonedox USA, or their Kayak Fishing Trailer, check out their website,



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