The Baitcloud could be very effective trolling or vertical jigging. Photos: Courtesy Baitcloud
The Baitcloud could be very effective trolling or vertical jigging.

 Instead of relying on your lure’s action or the scent on your soft plastics, now you can create your own cloud of scent with the BaitCloud, a dissolving ball of scent. Simply drop the BaitCloud, made from 100% natural and earth friendly ingredients, and the attractant ball starts “fizzing and bubbling, creating a cloud that mimics the sound and scent of a school of bait fish,” says the BaitCloud website.

BaitCloud comes in a variety of scents for your fishing needs.

BaitCloud Is Designed For:

Vertical Jigging

BaitCloud balls will sink to a depth of 100ft before completely dissolving, leaving a cloud from surface to bottom, attracting fish to the area you are fishing.


Think ‘chumming the water’. Toss a couple of BaitCloud balls in front of and behind the boat while trolling to create a perimeter cloud to fish.

Ice Fishing 

Dropping BaitCloud into a hole will create a physical and visual disturbance from surface to lake bed. The remaining scent cloud will linger for up to 2 hours in still water and will turn any slow spot into a honey hole.

BaitCloud is available in four different scents, garlic, coffee, anise and original. For more information about BaitCloud, check out their website,


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