Best Roof Racks & Boxes For Fishing: Yakima Unveils Fishing Collection

Transporting your rods has never been easier.

Yakima introduces its new fishing collection of roof racks and boxes. See it now, and it’s out in September of 2019.

1. Yakima Topwater Fishing Rod Box

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The TopWater Fishing Rod Box is the first fishing rod box designed specifically for fishing poles and fishing equipment. It’s Yakima’s traditional cargo box construction with durable ABS carbonite finish that’s rugged, strong and looks really good.

When the TopWater is open you can see the rods are supported on foam pads. They’re retained in place by rubber O rings, to make sure your rods are secure and safe. The reels are suspended off the bottom so they don’t bang around and get damaged.

The Yakima TopWater Fishing Rod Box can hold rods up to eight feet long, the regulation maximum length of rods in most bass fishing tournaments. There is also room for tackle boxes or other gear underneath the rods, so it’s really a usable cargo box beyond just your four rods.

Can you use your TopWater for other stuff? We asked too. You can pull out the rod supports and fill it with gear, skis or whatever.

The Yakima TopWater Fishing Rod Box will work on any of Yakima’s base roof rack or truck rack systems, as well as others. It also has locks on both the box and rack attachments to keep your rods, gear and the box in place.

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2. Yakima ReelDeal Rod Carrier

Yakima Reel Deal Rod Holder

Here’s a simpler rod transportation system, Yakima calls the ReelDeal. The ReelDeal goes onto the roof rack of your vehicle and carries the rods in between the rubber pads, like Yakima’s FreshTrack ski or snowboard racks.

The ReelDeal scissors open so you can carry any type and length of rod, including: spinning, bait casting, even fly fishing rods. It’s a quick, inexpensive way to get your rods and reels outside of your vehicle to avoid the damage and tangling from being inside. With the ReelDeal you can keep your rods outside while also safe and secure.

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3. Yakima Double Haul Rod Carrier

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Specific for fly fishing rods, Yakima has introduced the DoubleHaul. Fly rods slide into four metal tubes. The rods are individually protected by plastic liners inside the tubes, as well as felt padding on the reel shelves.

In the DoubleHaul the reels all sit sideways in this box, taking all the weight off of the rods and resting safely inside the box. The design of the reel box will accommodate larger 10 and 12 weight reels, and also will fit longer spayed rod handles—Yakima says there’s room for most modern fly rods out there.

The DoubleHaul securely closes and locks. Not only will it lock to your vehicle, but also locks up and keeps your rods out of sight, safe and secure.

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