Bixpy K-1 Motor on Hobie kayak.
K-1 electric brushless motor. Feature Image: Bixpy

We’re giving away a new Bixpy K-1 Outboard Kit.

In 2017, Bixpy revolutionized motorized kayak angling by building the first aftermarket modular electric motor and battery system specifically for smaller watercraft, like fishing kayaks. Bixpy hopes to redefine electric kayak motors again in 2023 with the release of the K-1 Motor and K-1 Outboard Kit.

A First Look At The Bixpy K-1 Motor

Bixpy’s inception took place in a California garage in 2014. After three years of engineering development and crowdfunding, Bixpy released the J-1 Motor to kayak anglers in 2017. The manufacturer followed up with the popular J-2 Motor providing over 30 pounds of thrust.

Bixpy has returned to the innovation table to follow the success of the J-2. What they’ve produced is the new K-1 Motor. The K-1 is designed to be a significant upgrade to its predecessor and Bixpy’s most advanced motor system yet.

“We have taken everything we’ve learned over the past five years and put it into the K-1 Motor and the new batteries,” shares company founder and managing director, Houman Nikmanesh. “We’ve made more than 140 improvements to the new edition and added many new features to both the batteries and the motors. We’re so proud of the new products, and we know our users will continue to love the portability, ease of use and the performance of our products.”

The K-1 Motor is equipped with a brushless motor paired with the NASA-inspired propeller, the Bixpy PowerShroud.

According to Bixpy, the K-1 Motor is roughly two inches shorter in length than the J-2 and weighs 2.8 pounds, yet provides more power output. In addition, the reduced shaft size is said to provide a quieter ride. The motor of the sleek-looking K-1 is housed within a rugged, anodized aluminum body, while tough nylon and ABS plastic surround the remaining components to withstand abuse.

Bixpy K-1 Angler Pro Outboard Kit
The new PP-768 battery is included with the K-1 as part of the Pro Angler Outboard Kit. Image: Bixpy

Kitting Out The K-1 With New Battery Options

The K-1 is easily paired with one of Bixpy’s battery systems. First, there’s the improved fourth version of the company’s existing PP-378 battery. For hardcore kayak anglers seeking more juice, there’s also the new PP-768 battery. The PP-768 was released in early February 2023 and provides more than 24 hours of run time with the K-1.

Both batteries are available as part of one of Bixpy’s outboard kits. The standard Outboard Kit features the PP-378 battery, while the more elaborate Pro Angler Kit features the long-lasting PP-768.

The K-1 Motor is compatible with more than 20 different mounting adapters from Bixpy. These can be matched up with hundreds of existing models of paddlecraft. This allows for plug-and-play installation of the K-1 system with your boat.

You can learn more about the Bixpy K-1 Motor and the latest PP-378 and PP-768 batteries at



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