Columbia’s New Technical Clothing for Anglers

The engineers and designers at Columbia PFG have been busy staying ahead of the competition with innovative new gear constructed for any adventure. Columbia can always be relied on to create smart technical clothing for men and women.

This year, they are proud of the Ultimate Catch Zero Long Sleeve Hybrid for lady anglers. The torso and upper are made of a cool woven material while the long sleeves are a knit pattern for comfortable stretch. The Omni Shade UPF 50 shirt uses Omni Freeze Zero, a fabric engineered to cool as it gets wet and Omni Wick breathable fabric to improve air circulation.

The more you sweat, the cooler the shirt gets. Zipper pockets on the chest and sides are low profile, no snag. A high, tunic-style, collar keeps sun off the neck and looks cool. Our favorite detail is the snap buttons on the front that won’t snag fishing line like regular buttons.

For optimal sun protection, longer sleeves keep the shirt in place even when casting or paddling.


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