SUP Review: Pelican’s Cross-X Standup Paddleboard (VIDEO)

Pelican's Cross-X offers a sturdy platform for standup fishing. Photo: Ben Duchesney
Pelican’s Cross-X offers a sturdy platform for standup fishing.

The cool water of Cape Cod Bay brushed against my knees as I knelt down to revive another striper. Screeching and cawing of diving birds filled my ears making me eager to release the fish and get back in the action. When the arm-length fish splashed a sign, I released it to the water and turned to silently chase down the blitzing feeding frenzy. Fishing from a standup paddleboard means that even if the fish stop blitzing, they still won’t see or hear me coming.

Designed for flat water and light surf, the Cross-X is the perfect entry-level board for anglers looking to start SUP fishing. Grab the 40-pound board, a PFD, rod and a tackle box for quick trips. The 32.25–inch wide and four-and-a-half-inch-thick hull allows the board to be rigged with cooler, electronics and all the trappings of a fishing expedition. Bungees on the nose will hold a tackle box or dry bag. Remove the bungee and you can use the leash plugs to attach accessories like a rod holder or electronics.


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