Ric Burnley
PauHana’s new Endurance is a performance touring board that can be rigged for fishing.

Pau Hana set the mark for fishing SUPs with the BigEZ angler. Then they upped the bar with Ricochet construction that makes the board light and tough-as-nails. Now shaper Todd Caranto has created a touring board with fishing features. The new Endurance is 12-feet long and 30-inches wide with a narrow nose and wide tail of a racing board. The deck is covered in padding with real wood veneer accent. Caranto peppered the deck and rails with PauHana’s unique SeaMount inserts that allow the board to be rigged with rod holders, electronics or tie downs. The board can be rigged with bungees or Pau Hana’s beefy cargo net that will keep gear in place. Caranto is working on side skegs that would keep the board on track and protect the boxfin. He even promises a portage bar that will make it easy to carry the 30-pound board to the water.

My favorite feature is a bivy sack that fits into the SeaMounts to turn the Endurance into a sleeping platform. The Endurance is the first touring SUP that can be rigged for long distance fishing, putting Pau Hana ahead of the game, again.

IMG 6133

SeaMounts on the Endurance rails allow the Endurance to be rigged with a cargo net.

IMG 6136

The Endurance can also be rigged with a bivy sack to make an elevated and insulated sleeping platform.


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