After much rumor and speculation, the new Flex Pod Motor Drive was unveiled. Photos: Ric Burnley
After much rumor and speculation, the new Flex Pod Motor Drive was unveiled.

Big news from Confluence Watersports. With new standup paddleboards, kayaks and accessories, the paddle-sports gurus meet anglers at every turn.

ATAK and Thresher are now motor-ready. After much anticipation and speculation, the new Motor Drive was unveiled. The 15-pound, battery driven motor fits in any model with the FlexPod OS system. The Torqueedo motor reaches speeds of six miles-per-hour. On one charge, the battery will run for 20 miles or eight hours. Attach the solar charger, and the motor can run all day. The motor only weighs 15 pounds and it even floats. A wired throttle provides readout of battry level, range and speed. The controller also includes an integrated GPS. The Motor Drive will be available late in 2015.

We’re already a big fan of Perception’s Pescador kayak so we were stoked to see the Pescador Pro center stage on the show floor. This much-loved, entry level kayak has been upgraded with fish-friendly features. The bow-well now sports a cool mesh and bungee cover to hold gear or the day’s catch. A center console is electronics friendly, or a great place to stash tackle. The’ve added a super-simple and comfortable seat that can be adjusted up or down. Under the new seat there is room to hold a couple tackle trays. Molded in rod holders, gear tracks and bungees in the sterm complete the angler-friendly upgrades. Best yet, the boat comes in at under $800, so it is budget-friendly, too.

Last year, Confluence brought in renounded standup paddleboard house, Boardworks, to join the paddle-sports family. The first offspring is the new Tracker SUP. The board is 11-feet long and 36-inches wide. Connex deck plugs strategically placed on the top-side provide tie-down points and accept RAM’s bases and accessories. The bottom of the board is convex to improve stability and tracking. The top features foam padding and camo pattern that is easy on the feet and the eyes. Even though the board looks like a high-dollar fiberglass masterpeice, Boardwork’s Innegra Glass Kyrpto Mat construction makes it tough enough to take a beating.

Boardworks Tracker

Wilderness Systems has also added a long list of accessories to complement each of their models. Anglers will not have to shade-tree engineer rigging and accessories. Everything you need to outfit their line of boats is made to match.

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