Early prototype of the Kraken, behind the scenes photo. Photo: Jackson Kayak
Early prototype of the Kraken, behind the scenes photo.

When Jim Sammons joined Jackson Kayaks, the kayak fishing community knew a beyond the breakers boat design was sure to follow. Sammons is known as one of the biggest names in kayak fishing, especially deep sea and big game kayak fishing. His boat designs would therefore drastically differentiate from the boat designs by Drew Gregory. The post says the boat is still in prototype stage and that Jackson will “Release The Kraken” sometime in 2014.

Jim Sammons posted on the Jackson Kayak website last Monday some of his plans for his new boat design:

“I’m a finicky kind of creature, so after a good bit of history with kayaks, I had “my paddling bucket list” items I hoped to accomplish with the team at Jackson:

  • The first thing I am looking for in a kayak is one that can be called a paddlers boat, by that I mean a boat designed for people that want a good paddling kayak for covering miles. We are looking to get the best balance of speed and stability with the edge going to speed.
  • The kayak will need to be able to handle big offshore water as well as launching and landing through the surf zone. Though big water is the target this kayak will be a kayak for those that want a kayak with good glide.
  • The kayak will need to have the volume to carry not only the angler but also all the gear the off shore kayak angler tends to carry and that big fish he may want to bring back in. This kayak is meant to be fast and carry effectively.
  • The idea is for the kayak to be ready to fish right off the showroom floor but just as importantly it will be a kayak that is open to the many different ways that kayak anglers like to rig their boats.”


Sammons said the first prototype should be ready to hit the water within the next few days. To read the rest of the post on the Jackson website, click here.



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