Jackson Kayak Hooks Fly Anglers with New Mayfly Kayak

Jackson Kayaks released another ground breaking kayak at ICAST 2016 designed specifically for fly anglers. Based on the Coosa HD hull, the new Mayfly is a ground-up design with features that make fly casting easier. The 12-foot, 6-inch kayak is 34-inches wide and weighs in at 85 pounds. Starting with the stable and versatile hull of the Coosa HD, the Mayfly will fit in on back waters, skinny waters, moving water and small water.

The cockpit is open and snag free, with a unique foot brace that will not snag fly line. A large stern well will hold an Orion 25 cooler that can replace the seat to turn the Mayfly in to a hybrid SUP. We like the flip-down fly boxes in the gunnels that hold foam fly patches. The seat adjusts high, low, fore and aft and features the Platypus hydration system. For all day standing comfort, they’ve added closed-cell foam padding on the deck. Rod-tip protectors are molded into the bow to hold fly rods up to 9-feet long.

We like the large bow hatch and smaller stern hatch that can be loaded with gear and make rigging electronics easier. Like all Jackson boats, the Mayfly is dripping with fishy features focused on fly anglers. Always thinking out of the box, the unique foot block is a perfect response to the problem of fly line management.


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