Wilderness Systems has just launched a new addition to the Ride series of kayaks, the Ride MAX family, featuring the new Phase 3® AirPro MAX high/low seating system. “The Phase 3 AirPro MAX gives kayak anglers the competitive advantage they need to sight fish from the seat of their Ride, which features the same customization, stability, maneuverability and capacity anglers have come to know and love in the Ride series fishing kayaks,” said a press release. “Available now in all new Ride angling kayaks, and fully functional in existing Ride model years 2012 and beyond, the AirPro MAX high/low seat is easy to install.”

“The Ride 115 MAX, Ride 115X MAX and Ride 135 MAX all featuring the Phase 3 AirPro MAX Seat are game changing for anglers of all skill levels.” Wilderness Systems’ Pro Staff anglers were an integral part of the Phase 3 AirPro MAX design process, as they spent many months testing the Ride MAX boats in all types of fishing and weather conditions.

Ride MAX body 1

Ride 115 MAX Ride 115X MAX Ride 135 MAX
Length 11’6” 11’6″ 13′ 6″
Width 33″ 33″ 31.50″
Deck Height 16.5” 16.5” 16.25″
Capacity 500 lbs. 500 lbs. 550 lbs.
Weight  79 lbs.  82 lbs.  85 lbs.
MSRP USA*  $1205 $1355  $1305

* Prices are for standard MAX models. MAX Angler models will also be available within the 2014-2015 Wilderness Systems lineup, will feature the Angler Package, and will have differences in pricing. Visit wildernesssystems.com for more information and updated 2015 pricing on all models.


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