Sneak up on fish in silence, and now be invisible. Photos: Courtesy Jackson Kayak
Sneak up on fish in silence, and now be invisible.

When Jackson Kayak and Realtree first released the Realtree Kilroy, anglers were drooling over the camo creation and scrambling to get their hands on one. Now, the two companies have once again teamed up to create the Cuda LT Realtree Hardwoods HD edition. The thermoformed Cuda LT is designed to offer anglers a lightweight option for sneaking up on fish in silence, but now fish won’t be able to see you either.

Jackson Kayak

Kayak hunters are going to love the Realtree Hardwood pattern on the kayak’s hull, perfect for hiding in a blind waiting for a flock to fly by. The Cuda LT is also designed to have more stiffness in the hull, which makes for a more responsive boat, a sleeker glide through the water and a pinch more stability.

Jackson Kayak Cuda LT Realtree

For more information about Jackson Kayak, or their new Cuda LT Realtree Hardwoods HD, check out their website,



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