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Chris Funk (www.feral-onephotography.com) is a freelance photographer and writer and a member of Jackson Kayak’s fishing team.

Thick-Skulled And Toothy: Kayak Fishing For Bowfin

Looking like a cross between a pit bull and a piranha with a personality to match, bowfin have a face only a hardcore angler...

How To Achieve The Ultimate In Bass Fishing

The ultimate achievement for bass anglers is hitting a three-fish slam. There are several species of bass and multiple locations across the nation to...

Pro Photographer Profile: Chris Funk

How did you become a photographer? I started taking pictures at air shows and I knew I needed better gear. I joined a group...

Fishing Favorite? Sit-On-Top Vs. Sit-Inside Kayaks

Do you sit on top of your trusty kayak as you paddle away from the launch? Or, do you sit inside? How about both?...