A boat that created a lot of buzz at ICAST 2017 is Jackson’s new Coosa FD. Jackson fans are excited to get their favorite Coosa boat with pedal power. I was stoked to check out the new lower unit that pops up when it hits an underwater obstruction.

Jackson Coosa FD Specs
Length: 12’7”
Width: 35”
Capacity: 450 lbs.
Price: $2999

The Coosa platform hasn’t changed much to accommodate the pedal system. They added a cool rudder control that works by pushing forward to move right and pulling back to go left. It took a minute to get used to, but the advantage is it is low-profile so it doesn’t snag on lines or take abuse.

The pedals are also low to the deck for a comfortable pedaling position that doesn’t take up much space in the kayak. A lever on the upper unit controls the depth of the prop.

coosa fd standing

The real genius is below the water. The dagger board inspired lower unit hangs low to put the propeller deeper into the water and reduce turbulence. Hit an obstruction, and the lower unit pops up to keep from breaking or bending.

There is a small hatch in the deck that accommodates the propeller blades when the lower unit is in the up position. It also gives access to clear the blades of grass or other garbage that could clog the system.

The upper part of the pedal system can be removed without removing the propeller and lower unit.

True to Jackson’s roots, the unique pop-up lower unit makes this boat river-fishing approved. We hope to see the pedal system on other Jackson models and they promise a motor system, too. Much to look forward to from Jackson.


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