Angler Watches Shark Annihilate His Tuna

Video creator Commodore Connor was hoping for a tuna dinner, but forgot to book a table for two

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Don’t forget to tip. It seems customary of the sea that when you are fighting big fish from your kayak a shark takes notes and comes by for their percentage. That’s what happened in this video, when YouTube creator Commodore Connor had a nice tuna on the line only to watch it get demolished.

Connor landed the dead tuna to see the shark had good taste. There was a huge chunk that appears to be around 12 inches wide taken off the prime meat on the upper back. The shark had also provided a second chomp on the tuna’s gut. The angler was determined to get a meal out of the labor though, and brought what was left of his catch home for some filleting.

“It was a nice shebee,” Connor says after the encounter.  “Now less so. Sad, but what are you going to do? I’ll be able to get some meat off of this tuna, but he got messed up good.”

The angler follows up showing the meat they are able to get from the filet table. Better than letting a tuna go to waste, and certainly plenty for some tuna cakes or tacos.


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