Photos: Craig Hefner
Craig Hefner’s Old Town Predator Fishing Kayak is strapped to a kayak trailer

Kayak trailers may seem like a unnecessary luxury but as most of these fishing kayaks are getting too heavy to get up on a roof rack, I see more and more anglers interested in this as a transportation option. Also with the Predator XL I’m unable to store my full length rods inside the kayak since the center pod is replaced with the Minn Kota motor unit.

 A side view of Craig Hefner's Old Town Predator Fishing Kayak strapped to a kayak trailer


As for the build, it is not something your average guy could pull off in his garage. I have a metal manufacturing business I deal with in my day job and got this idea after visiting their plant. I had them take a sheet of 1/8″ diamond plate aluminum to the shear and then press break one 8′ section shaping the box. They also custom bent the drop door. Then they Mig welded the seams together along with 2 straps leaving 2″ tabs hanging off each side.


The rear view of Craig Hefner's Old Town Predator Fishing Kayak strapped to a kayak trailer


I drilled 3/8″ holes in the tabs, installed the T-Bolts that slide into the tracks under the Yakima rails for an easy install. The only work I really did myself was mounting the door with pop rivets into the stainless hinge and adding a top locking latch to keep the rods safe. I also two-way taped foam to the bottom surface for the reels to set set on. Locker is 8′ long inside x 18″ wide x 5-1/2″ high at the back, 2″ high in the front keeping it aerodynamic.

Locker holds up to 5 rods. I’m currently having them build one for a local kayak angler that will install the same way under his Thule rack on his F-150 Truck.


Craig Hefner's kayak fishing trailer is hitched up to a Jeep

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  1. Been thinking about doing something like this with a metal bender and regular aluminum. Then coating with bed liner to help seal.


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