How To Easily Fix A Broken Rod Tip In Minutes

A simple and cheap way to fix your broken fishing rod

The dreaded sound of a fishing rod snapping may mean the end of your day, but it in no way means that the rod is finished. Without any special tools and a little bit of time, you can be sure to head back out on the water in no time. My truck bed is a thing of beauty; the perfect mix of organization and preparedness keeps me sleeping like a baby…in the truck bed I mean. But, every time I’m done fishing and I have somewhere to be, all my organizational OCD tendencies seem to fly out the window and I end up just throwing everything in the back as fast as I can and hitting the road. Usually it’s beers at the bar with my buddies, you can’t really blame me, right?

Last fall I was doing this same bad habit when I closed my Yeti Roadie 20 cooler lid right onto the rod tip of my go-to casting rod. That audible snap is one of my biggest nightmares, coming to reality. But, replacing a broken rod tip is the farthest thing from a nightmare. In fact, it’s one of the easiest repairs you can do when it comes to kayak fishing. Watch the step-by-step video and if you still haven’t got it down, I’ve listed the steps below.

Photo: Screen Capture
Ben Duchesney heats up the broken tip of a fishing rod with a lighter.

Materials Needed To Replace A Rod Tip On Fishing Rod

  • Replacement Rod Tip (Sometimes you can also use your old rod tip, depending on how it broke off the rod)
  • Glue (similar to the glue you can find in a hot glue gun)
  • Lighter
  • Forceps (for protecting your fingers)
  • Knife

Step-By Step Instructions For Replacing Your Fishing Rod Tip

  1. If you’re using your old rod tip, heat the base of the tube with your lighter for 3-5 seconds to loosen the glue inside. Try to heat the tube as indirectly as possible. You should be able to lightly pull and twist the tube free from your broken rod tip. Repeat the heating process until it pulls off. If you’re using a new rod tip from a replacement kit, (about $4 at any tackle shop, or Walmart) fit the tip top over the rod to figure out which size will fit best. You’re looking for a snug fit, without any glue.
  2. Cut a few slivers of glue with your knife and then cut the slivers into strips.
  3. Place the slivers of glue into the end of the new tip top tube until it has enough glue to get a good hold. I pretty much fill up the tube with solid glue.
  4. Attach your forceps to the tip top, along the metal wires holding the guide, not the tube itself. Holding it by the tube could crush the tube and ruin the tip top.
  5. Heat up the glue with your lighter, as indirectly as possible, for 3-5 seconds.
  6. Slide the new tip top onto your rod tip and align it with your other guides immediately. Apply slight pressure and hold until the glue has time to cool and harden.

That’s it! Now your rod should be as good as new and ready to go fishing again. Now don’t break it again!


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