We recently received photos of Cabela’s new fishing kayak, the Advanced Anglers 120, from an anonymous source. Looks like the new boat will be 12 feet long and 36 inches wide. The Advanced Anglers 120 will feature a broad standing platform, electronics/gear pod and rod-tip protectors.

Sneak Peek at Cabela’s New Boat

Cabelas 2
Detail of the Cabela’s Advanced Angler 120. | Photo: Anonymous

The gear pod and standup deck promise to make Cabela’s new Advanced Anglers 120 a full-featured kayak at a box store price.

We’re most excited about the new high/low seat. It is great to see a big box store building a solid fishing kayak with a lower price point that will bring advanced features to new anglers.

Advanced Anglers 120 In Stores Soon

We’re not allowed to divulge the source of these photos, but if you look carefully at the design and construction you just might figure it out. Safe to say, this boat came out of one of the most respected kayak shops around.

prototype of Cabela’s new Advanced Angler 120 fishing kayak sits on a warehouse floor
Leaked photo of Cabela’s new Advanced Anglers 120 fishing kayak. | Feature photo: Anonymous

Word is the Cabela’s Advanced Anglers 120 kayak will officially hit the shelves in June 2016. Stand by for more information and photos.


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